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    Learn about the blow molding machine..
    Blowing machine driving system is to drive the important parts of the machine, s..
    What to check before using the shade..
    1. Check if all the compressed air and vacuum of the equipment are normal, and c..
    Why does the sticking phenomenon occ..
    The phenomenon of sticking and punching sometimes occurs in the work of a lampsh..
    2018 05/17
    Three Common Problems in Stretching ..
    In general, when using a ceiling lamp shade machine to stretch a cone, you will find that the stretc..
    2018 05/17
    Causes the pressure of the hydraulic..
    1. Inhale air from the suction inlet of the pump. Ensure that the connectors of the pump suction pas..
    2018 05/17
    Two Factors to Consider When Making ..
    1, in the production to consider the form of the b..
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